Saturday, 17 August 2019

I am Me

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

I still am.


A polaris that standing in a solid axis.

I am not perfect. So I accept everyone! YASS!! Every single person that being nice to me. I be myself fully, and so do you.  Literally it's more than enough to understand that's all we ever need on getting comfortable connection with people."Being ourselves!"

Whether they leave or stay... I'm Polaris anyway!

That's it! I AM ME! :') 


I believe it's important that we are fully ourselves, even if it means we don't fit in with other people. Because when we are not truly ourselves it's hard for us to be happy! It's hard for us to be fulfilled... and we get that feeling deep down that our inner self telling us "I'm not comfortable!!" 
So... it's super important that we are always... always.... fully ourselves! Be true you <3

Sorry lah, entri takda kena mengena dengan lagu DSV " I am me " tu, hahaha search sendiri kat youtube kalau rasa-rasa nak berjoget! ok.bye! >_<


dear anies dear anies said...

jadilah diri sendiri😊😊

Hanachie Hanachie said...

@dear anies

Betul! Betul! Betul! >_<

Tqa London Tqa London said...

Mula2 pun ingat you were talking about DSV I Am Me but lepas play video tu, okay this is a whole different thing haha

But I totally agree with you.

Hanachie Hanachie said...

@Tqa London

Thank you for agreeing!! hehehehehe :P

anakdenesor anakdenesor said...

lama tak jenguk! yeah be true and stay true

Hanachie Hanachie said...


Hana pun lama tak jenguk blog AD!! T^T

Sha Mohamed Sha Mohamed said...

I am me.. Its me..