Friday, 1 February 2019

Happy 19 years of fighting

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

Alhamdulillah,2 days ago,at the date of 30 January I have reached another level of life,in the last year as a teenager.Alhamdulillah  for the 19 years chances of fighting.
Yeayyy!! Next year dah tak teenage lagi!! :P hohohoho
I did not expect anything on that day.*Since all in my head was... course work! course work! course work!!! :P

But,I don't understand why... luck and miracle was on my side most of the day.Without even have to shout out to everyone telling that it's my birthday!,I'v got some whises in the morning from someone I don't even expect.What a miracle that someone I don't usually talk to remember my birthday and willing to treat me like we're close enough to be called "BFF" Woahhhh!! and the other lucky moment happened at MUET class.Before the class was started,teacher asked " Is today,anyone's birthday?!"
>_< hehehe I was not daring enough to admit it was my speacial day.But,as my expectations,the kind hearted person that wished me at the very morning was kindly telling the teacher that it's my birthday.And what happened after that was saving me from get any punishment,humiliated and stress out throughout the class because teacher was gonna do some kinda Quiz game that inflict serious punishment if you failed the quiz.Haahahaha >_< I've saved from it and luckily being teacher's assistant at the front of the class. *while my classmates being stress praying I'm not gonna pick their name in the box (quiz procedure)
And... huh after the class ended,I was afraid that I'm gonna get scolded for drawing some of my classmate name for the quiz purpose.Hahaha >_< insted,they know it's my birthday,so the 'Happy Birthday' wish constantly given to me without I even expect.Heeeeeeeeeeeee >_< how lucky to be surrounded with those kind hearted person.... heheh and the blessing wasn't just ended there.At the evening,which is club meetings and association I have elected as deputy chairman of the club that I join.
Huhuh T^T I'm touched,because it was my birthday and they willing to vote for me as the present.:') :') :') It was just sooo crazy to be believed.What kindness do,I really gave to them till they treat me that well.
and,today at the date of 1 February,I've got a present from teacher at the morning assembly which surprise me lot! :D And.... I thought it was done there! But.... hahhahaha I've got another surprise from my 'KOPOP members' which blew my mind why they don't seem to care about my 'birthday' and don't even saying any wish like my other not so close friend did.Heheheh they really Got Me! :P thanks for the surprise,Dura,Jun,Siti,Niza,Farah,Mimi,Wanje,Zuzui and tira. <3 I feel appreciated and loved so much for the 3 days constantly... <3 <3 <3

Sorry for been losing... (for those who care :P :P) heheh But this semester is soooooo important yet hard one for me.So,it seems like I should to be apart of any any! distraction which disturbing my accordingly focus time >_<  well,I only have one shot! and I don't wanna miss the target :P heheh ^^ Btw,I have replied some of the comments that I left a long time ago hahaha :P so,hopefully there's no debt anymore keh? >_< So yahh! I'm done here.Thank you for been supporting or just support or just visit and don't mind to come here again hahaha... anyhow I appreciate every each of view that you give <3 <3 <3 Till, then :) - Hana Chie dak Gangster yang bertauliahh :P


Carly Fifie Carly Fifie said...

Good luck for your study ya girl, chayo chayo ~

Liyana Jasmi Liyana Jasmi said...

sama umur laaa kita hehe. happy birthdayyy !! :)

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Carly Fifie

Thanks alot!! ^^

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Liyana Jasmi

Thank youuu :D :D

Siti Yang Menaip Siti Yang Menaip said...

happy belated birthday ^^

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Siti Yang Menaip

Thank youuuu!! :D

ღizzati harunoღ ღizzati harunoღ said...

good luck kak hana ^^ never let go of ur dreams!! fighting!!

Shahida Dzulkafli Shahida Dzulkafli said...

Wah.. dah bertambah 1 angka lagi ye.. Happy belated birthday Hana.. Semoga yang baik-baik sahaja buat Hana.. Aamiin... Beruntung dikelilingi orang yang baik-baik.. Semoga aura positif ini sentiasa melekat dekat Hana.. Aamiin..

Tqa London Tqa London said...

It's always nice to have good people surrounding you.
Happy Belated Birthday :)

Farah Farah said...

Happy belated birthday, Hana :)

Syfka Aina Syfka Aina said...

Happy birthday and hi there :>

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@ღizzati harunoღ

Thank you cutie! <3 :D :D

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Shahida Dzulkafli

heheh thank you soooo much kak Sha <3 >_< teringat segment mengarut Hana last year tu hahah :3 tak sangka dah setahun Hana kenal kak Sha :3

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Tqa London yaass! ^^ thank you for the wish <3

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...


Thank youuu!! <3

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Syfka Aina Hiiii back!! :3 thank you <3

Sha Sha said...

Happy belated birthday and good luck for your study 😉..usia kita jarak 10 tahun...hakak singgah jalan² sini..

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...


Heeee :3 thank you! thank you!! ^^

Ana Suhana Ana Suhana said...

happy birthday hana. macam sama je bulan kita. nama pun dah dekat sama. hehe

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Ana Suhana

Thank youuu!! ^^ heee... kak Ana baby January jugak ke? >_< Happy balated b'day <3