Friday, 29 December 2017

New determination for 2018

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

I listed out my goals for 2018.It have been on my draft since last week.So I think this night full of barokah *cewah* is the right time for me to share it all.^^

  • Be a little bit taller
Since being petite isn't so fun! And I found it hard for me to get stuff on the high places.Plus people think I'm 12 by looking at my physical. T_T 

  •  Wake up super early a.k.a do not continue sleep after Subuh (since I do not go to school anymore)
Stop being lazy! You have to finish the manuscript before get to meet Mr.SPM 

  •  Be more helpful
Since Mr.laziness starting to be my friend

  •  Less junk food
Because it not good for your health.Poor Mr.Tummy! Plus because I don't get any pocket money since I finished school.So dear self please less asking for money.

  • Rise some followers (Let's get about 400 something!)
Oh Yeah!! All the way to 1 thousand followers!

  •  Khatam quran *at least once
Because this year I don't khatam at all.*Blame Mr.SPM! *erk? better blame your iman first!

  •   Approved by Google AdSense
How to tackle this hard to get stuff huh?

  • Succeed on creating banner
 Since I planned to do segment to advance my blog world

  •  On time!
You know... I have to get away from title ' Miss Always Late!' 

  • More cheerful less nonsense a.k.a meroyan *or whatever u call.
Yup! I only plan to be happy all over the year of 2018.Shuh! shuh Mr.Sadness.I'm in relationship with Joy right now.

So thats it my determination for 2018.I don't think that's kinda nonsense.Because its my honest nawaitu.I'm going to rock it!!! Oh Yeah~

This is my last entry for 2017.So farewell year full of memories.You'll be  remembered! T_T usual kalau ada apa-apa benda nak diluah based on title.Sila jangan segan silu menyampuk kat ruang komen.^^ Tak rugi pape pun sebab Hana ni setia mendengar.*confirm korang tak syok sendiri punya!! Hohohoh start dah mengarut dia~ Btw Thanks for your kindness <3  I mean thanks for clicking in here :)

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Why I started blog?

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

Obviously,we blog bcoz we have passion to it.In the same time we have more than an amazing reason why we passion to it.So I wanted to share some of my main reason why I started blog.( The reason that makes me stop to care if nobody realise my blog's existence)

  • To get inspiration and inspiring

Blogging is such an easy way for me to get inspiration.There are so many people that inspire me to keep going in this blog world.And suddenly I wanted to be like them.So I keep on blogging in hope I can inspire people.

  •  To share

I love to share.So I blog.Things that I share is actually comes from heart * ceh! Hahahha So that is what's makes me happy to share even if nobody care.*It's my blog so it is up to me how to handle it.

  • To understand other

I find that people are different.So I blog to meet various people in the world.Hope we can connect and understand each other.

  • To spread positive vibe

I love to be around with positive people since it is makes me happy.I hope things that I share can spread positive vibe.*well.just hope..

  • Bcoz I love to write and read

And this is the most vital thing inside of me which instilling me to blog.I love to write,and I love to read others story.:)

I love to know your opinion on this title.Why do you start blog? Is it just a passion or something else... Let me know on the comment section.As usual,I'll be more than willing to visit your blog.:) 

Written by : Hana at 10.29 p.m :)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Say GoodBye To School Uniform

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 


Holla Blog! Holla Reader! Holla Everyone!
Alhamdulillah... Hana dah bebas dari title "Budak Sekolah" which is pada hari selasa lepas  adalah hari terakhir Hana pakai baju sekolah. Sedih weh! sedih! T^T

Selama ni bukan main lagi excited nak merdeka! Siap buat list to do sepanjang cuti bagai. Tiba-tiba habis ja paper last tuesday, tanpa dijangka ada rasa sebak menyerbu hingga ke tangkai hati! *cewah ayat mengalahkan budak sastera. Hohooh

Seriously lepas ni dah tak perlu cuci kasut sekolah, gosok baju skolah, siapkan homework, stress! No More!

Part paling syahdu selain saying good bye to classmate is part balik rumah, masuk bilik pastu gantung baju skolah. Serious weh? lepas ni Hana tak akan pakai lagi baju kurung putih berkain biru. Huwaaaaa!!!! How sad!

Sampai hari ini pun Hana still can't move on... rasa dia semacam sangat. MISSING SCHOOL already!!!

Hmm... past is past! and it's in the past... mula-mula memanglah susah nak terima yang Hana dah tua, dah tak perlu dididik mengikut usia 17 tahun ke bawah, tapi bila dah rasa nikmat cuti dan bebas dari beban endless homework confirm move on secara semula jadinya hahah*confirm punya! :P 

Ok lah sekian sesi luahan perasaan dari Hana yang still dalam proses move on.T_T seriously Hana mengalami kemurungan selepas balik skolah hari selasa tu.!!!

-K.Bye! nak sambung memurungkan diri.:')