Saturday, 18 June 2016

D u n i a

Holla Belog!

Assalamualaikum, and good morning!!!! >_< Hehe Thanks a lot for visiting my super dusty blog!
*It's ok! I'll wipe it later. 
Alhamdulillah I'm 16 and still alive.:D
Sorry for being busy lately dear Pinky Diary. :D :D *I am absolutely homesick with this blog.

Back to the tittle...

D  u n i a -

After stepping into the realm of teenager, my diary of life apparently changes!
I don't know why? but that is it!

I been too busy catching my dream. And sometimes I've forgot akhirat.
And I've been thinking a lot about "why should we being busy to catch our dream at dunia while we don't know when we will die... "

We might die tomorrow right? 

Ya! We know it might happen...

But why we keep forgetting Allah?

We have the answer but you don't want to admit it...

Half of my heart always fight to my mind.

Half of my heart said that it need Allah to calm

But my mind keep on saying 'you have another important mission to reach in this world'

And I admit that my mind always win! 

I follow my mind...
So I put dunia first after akhirat.

But it didn't work!

It makes me stress. And once I'm failed, I easily frustrated.
And my life became complicated...

" Kejarlah akhirat dan dunia akan ikut kemudian "

Thats what my father said a few years ago when I was 8.

I can't express what I feel but you have to feel it by yourself.
Put Allah first then there are nothing else to worry about!

:) :) :D :D ^^  <3

So just follow what your mind say. It might be good for yourself but also don't ignore what your heart are saying!

" Remember that we don't have power to know what will happen tomorrow .When and how our life ended "

Thanks again for visiting! :)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Marhaban Ya Ramadan :)

Assalamualaikum! Hello Blog!
Sorry for disappearing too long.*I'm way too lack of idea on what to shared. :) 

Marhaban ya Ramadan.... ^^
Alhamdulillah, we finally arrived on 1 Ramadan. *Yeahhh!!

So let's collect pahala as much as we can! * aja! aja! fighting :D :D
Make sure we make this ramadan more awesome than last year...
Because this year might be our last Ramadan.:') I know it's scarry. But who knows?!  Then, since we have no power to know when will be our last breath... so we have to be really thankful for this favors.

Anyway! I'm just super exited for this Ramadan :D
'Cause I just lost one thing that I think really has been harassing me on many side...
The thing that really wasted my time every single day.
The thing that lead to goodness or even badness.

It is...

" Phone "

I been keeping it over one year...
But last night I've cracked it

At first I'm grieving *sudah tentu* T^T
But After I lost my tears about one big bowl... I thought that it such a useless!
Since it couldn't help me fix that broken phone!

So I thought about the benefits of it instead...
Without phone I can focus on my study! :D :D
And I just realised that Allah want me to be more productive, take the time to do good thing, and  prayer at the beginning of time!! *Right?

So I can stopped my bad habits like playing games until late night...
* Even its hard to be apart with 'Harvest Moon Friend Of Mineral Town' T_T * how sad...

But Alhamdulillah.... ^^

Back to the tittle! * Yeahh!! Ramadan arrived!!
Happy Fasting everyone... May Allah receive our ibadah! * aamiin...

- Thanks for visitig! :) :)