Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fokus Pt3!

Assalamualaikum! Hye there :)

Apparently 2014 is almost comes to an end... :( *How sad!

*Tik! tok! tik! tok!.Times goes so fast...  leave us who is struggling to find the meaning of life.. (sigh!!) Dream? :) Even it's, too big! to be reached... but for me as 'Hana' nothing is imposible if you never despair! And the key to success is believe in yourself!

Yes! I'm 'fall'
and... Fall again :'( 

Maybe no one noticed ? kan? *because when you smile (all sadness of yours disappear)  Recalling the 'sweet sour ' of 2014 make me feel worse. 

But it's ok! I'll talk to myself later. I'll persuade myself to be more tough ^^
 Repair every single thing that I've done wrong! and 'Be brave to step forward'

Hana will fokus on on the big big examination as form 3 student which is ' Pt3... ' Even that I'm not even ready yet to be a victim of Mr.Pt3. 

Ok! then... last but not least... Happy new year dear reader <3

*Make sure to make 2015 lebih Oh sem!! dari tahun ni, 

                                                          (Stolen from atok Google)

Special Thanks to Mr.Father! for  fulfilling my wishes! (Happy! Birthday *1 January!) *Innsyaallah 7 A akan ditunaikan! :) hohoho 'Innsyaallah...'

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Happy new year!! *Cutii tambah seminggu (Yeahhh!!) :D : D * wide smile >_<